Ice Hockey Pro

Ice Hockey Pro

Ice Hockey Pro

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Max Ivanov and Ice Hockey Pro International camp in Pittsburg, June 2015, part I.


Pittsburgh Pro Hockey Highlights 2015

[Game Description]
Play Finger Ice Hockey against the computer AI or against your friends.
It is calculated by Physics Engine.
[Game Features]
Play against the computer or against your friends. Choose between more than 112 countries to play with.
The game has two modes.
Single Play: 112 countries with IIHF world rankings
Play with computer AI. Defeat IIHF rank No.1 Russia of 2012 IIHF Ranking.
Double Play: select a country, and let's play Ice Hockey with friends

[How to play]
1. Select Option of playing time 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, and 5 minutes.
2. Click the Team Select and choose countries (112 countries).
3. When you click the button for Single Play, starting with Jordan ranked 112.
4. The higher IIHF Ranking is, the smatter AI is.
5. Drag player's flag more and the power is increased more.
6. Use spin function before shooting.